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The Problem

We needed to close the significant gap in brand awareness by establishing Turo in the Canadian market.

The Insight

With over 5,000 outdoor rinks spread across the country, Canada is home to the most ice rinks worldwide. However, the majority of these outdoor rinks are on lakes, ponds, and backyards with no access to a Zamboni. So, we leaned into Turo’s core values of access, convenience, and connection to address a truly Canadian problem: subpar ice on outdoor rinks.

How We Got to the Future Faster

Turo SK8 Ice Resurfacer:

We created and launched the most Canadian vehicle — a backyard-sized Zamboni — and made it available to Canadians to book on the Turo app. They could rent Turo SK8 for their backyard, or community rink. Not to mention, fulfill their childhood dreams of driving a Zamboni.


CMA - Engagement: Auto (Gold), CMA - Customer Experience: Auto (Gold), CMA - Business/Brand Impact: Auto (Silver)