Sunnybrook / No Fixed Address Inc. - Rethinking the Agency Model
Sunnybrook Foundation
Our brand platform is born from the idea that Sunnybrook takes on the challenges other hospitals have labeled as impossible to treat, fix, or heal. Sunnybrook has the minds and hearts to take on any seemingly insurmountable task. Bring us your worst and we will give you our best.
A board on an easel with information about Ron Haviv's and Christopher Morris' life work as photojournalists.
Images from this campaign framed and hung on a brick wall.
Images from this campaign framed and hung on a brick wall.
A nurse holding an older patient's hand.
A patient lying down and wearing a radiotherapy mask.
A doctor wearing glasses and a surgical mask looking at something a nurse is showing her.
A surgeon and two nurses performing surgery.
A mould of a human face in different parts.
An elderly patient lying down with a tube attached to her nose being looked after by a nurse.
A doctor holding a patch up to a patient's eye.
A man holding a baby against his chest. The baby is attached to machines by tubes.
A surgeon wearing surgical loupes and mask