Little Caesars / No Fixed Address Inc. - Rethinking the Agency Model
Little Caesars
In a world where everyone fast-forwards commercials, to launch Little Caesars’ newest innovation, Pizza Portal Pickup, we found a way to get people pausing, rewinding, and obsessing over ours. We hid 8 unique codes in 8 identical commercials and waited patiently. Every time a code was found, we used our first-of-its-kind, customized trafficking process to pull it off the air and run a new version in real time.

All codes were found in just 10 days and in a literally skipped-over medium, we made our commercial unignorable.
splash image for Little Caesars video.
Little Caesars commercial paused on TV.
Man taking his Little Caesars pizza out of the pizza warmer.
All the Little Caesars creative.