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Every day, a vast amount of child sexual abuse material is uploaded and shared online. As it spreads through the web, many survivors live in fear being recognized and can even be stalked online. For many, the original abuse is only the beginning of an inescapable cycle.

What We Did

Our haunting film tells the story of one survivor. From the day of the original crime to when she’s married with a young daughter of her own, our survivor’s tormentor is always there. She can’t escape him and what he did. Because tech companies won’t let her.

Clio Award The One Show
A father holding a camera and kneeling in front of his young daughter sitting on the couch in a living room
A little girl sitting on a couch A little girl with her hand on the power button of a tv and the reflection of her father in the tv. A teenager with a sad look on her face A woman looking out the window holding the curtains
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